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Data and Information Analytics

Make the most of information for both business growth and mitigation of risk. ENSAR specializes in Enterprise Analytics Solutions that extract meaningful information from complex patterns in data and then communicate that information as valuable insights. 

Our approach to engagements is technology agnostic, however, however, we have developed significant experience within the following solutions:

OpenText™ Analytics Suite enables your digital strategy by taking advantage of both structured and unstructured data sources. It is your bridge between data, insight, and informed actions. OpenText™ Analytics Suite is an analytics software solution for business users and analysts looking for an easy and fast suite of tools to access, blend, explore and analyze data quickly without depending on IT or data experts.

IBM SPSS Modeler is an extensive predictive analytics platform that is designed to bring predictive intelligence to decisions made by individuals, groups, systems and the enterprise.

IBM Watson Analytics is a smart data analysis and visualization service you can use to quickly discover patterns and meaning in your data – all on your own. With guided data discovery, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities such as natural language dialogue, you can interact with data conversationally to get answers you understand.